Best viewing spots for birds in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-10-04 16:42

On picturesque autumn days, rich biodiversity is well-evidenced in Foshan, with birds flocking around the parks, riverside, and paddy fields.


Photo by Zhao Lixing


As a city marching along with its modernization drive, Foshan has continued to strike a perfect balance between urban expansion and environmental management, particularly thanks to intense effort to preserve natural resorts over the past few years.



Photo by Zhao Lixing


If you are lucky enough, you might someday see herons right in front of your face.


Check out these locations for a close contact with some beautiful species.


Green Island Lake

(Central Lake & South Lake)


Photo by Wu Yu


An above-water platform was built to make it possible that visitors can see the scenic lake and biological diversity in the area.


Dali-Huangqi River Banks


Birds flying up high and pedestrians walking by - Dali Town in Nanhai offers a pleasant environment for life and work.


Shunfeng Mountain Park


Photo by Liang Xiaoling


On the lucid and vast surface of Guipan Lake, birds travel in group, as they sometimes soaring in the sky and sometimes napping by the lake. Under the foot of Shunfeng Mountain Park, their life is uninterrupted where they live at their best.


Mingcheng Chongbu Agricultural Park


In the acres of paddy fields in Chongbu, Gaoming, hundreds of egrets can be easily seen during daytime. Not close from the fields, there are also fish ponds and wetlands nearby Cangjiang River that houses an amazing amount of biodiversity.


Photo by Deng Jinhao


GBA Comprehensive Demonstration

Base for Modern & Urban Agriculture


Turn right from 350 County Road to 711 Township Road, youll arrive in GBA Comprehensive Demonstration Base for modern & urban agriculture, a getaway that showcases vitality in nature.


Photo by Lin Weijian 


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