The first manufacturing and energy ecological industrial park unveiled in Qiandenghu Lake
Foshan China 2022-10-30 20:47

On October 26th, the construction of Qiangdenghu intelligent manufacturing industrial center kicked off.



Previously, the land of over 46 thousand square meters was occupied by Xiaxi fruit wholesale market. To improve the diversity of industries in Qiangdenghu Lake area, according to the blueprint, it is designed as the first community type industrial park with energy, environment protection, database and intelligent manufacturing as the core.


It is estimated that the project will be released for investment by December, 2022. By February, 2024, the project will be completed and ready for operation.


In the future, the industrial center will mainly introduce projects from three categories, including Internet of Things Plus, Internet Plus, Technology Plus. For instance, digital information, new energy, environment protection, intelligent manufacturing, and bio-medicine are some industries included. Additionally, by utilizing incubators and industrial manufacturing as support, it aims to build a complete ecological chain accordingly.


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