A 44-meter scroll captures trade boom in Foshan back in Qing Dynasty
Foshan China 2022-11-01 16:48

A 44-meter long scroll, which is now presented at UniPARK in Nanhai District, has caused an artistic sensation in Foshan. The artwork, named Beautiful Nanhai: Qing Dynasty, draws wide attention as it not only features some picturesque landscapes in Foshan, but also restores all the bustles and hustles, well portrayed in details, at the trading ports back then. The exhibition will be held until January 10, 2023.



Beautiful Nanhai: Qing Dynasty was crafted as a joint effort by three amazing local artists - Liang Guorong and Jiang Xianjiao (both from Chinese Artists Association), and Cao Yiqiang (the Guangdong Artists Association). The original copy, about 22 meters long and 1 meter high, is now housed at Nanhai District Museum.


The artwork includes some local landmarks in Foshan, like Zhenhai Tower, Guanshanwei and the Ancestral Temple, and was spiced up with folk customs such as dragon boat race, lion dance, martial arts and Cantonese opera. Specifically, it gives a glimpse into Foshan’s famous prosperous industries - pottery, smelting, Chinese patent medicine, handicraft, agriculture, silk reeling and silk weaving, just to name a few.


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