New Art Season unveiled in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-11-01 16:52

On October 28, The Eternal Wave was staged at Foshan Grand Theatre, announcing the official opening of the second Foshan Art Season in 2022. From September to December, there will be 32 plays, with a total of 88 performances planned to be displayed.




The second Foshan Art Season in 2022 is directed by Foshan Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio and Television, and Tourism, together with the CPAA Theatres Ltd., and jointly organized by the Foshan Performing Arts Center and the Foshan Grand Theatre. This new season themes “Artistic Fun in the City”, aiming to bring more excellent shows and more diversified artistic experiences to the audience, and add a colorful touch to the artistic life of Foshan citizens.


In the "All-encompassing Art on the Stage - Fine Plays and Performances" section of this art season, there are 32 plays with a total of 88 performances. Among them, the folk dance drama Awakening Lion, the dance drama 25㎡ Rhapsody and other plays have been performed to the public. Next, there will be more plays on show, including Blooming of Time Promo, Confucius, dance poetry drama The Only Green, dance painting A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains, drama Skin, parent-child interactive clown drama Player, etc.


Additionally, it has introduced various types of art, for instance, electronic absurd comedy Desire Corner, modern dance Enigma Shanghai and Trinity by Jinxing Dance Theatre, dance drama The Assassin, concert The City of Musicals, to bringmore wonderful experiences to the audience.


In addition to marvelous stage performances, this art season also features a number of sections such as "Under the Spotlight - Art Masters Sharing Salon", "New Voices of the Greater Bay Area - Original Drama Exhibition" and "Urban Art Tour - Offline Landmark Art Experience", presenting the fine integration of art and urban life to the citizens from multiple dimensions.


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