Dali covered with‘romantic pink’ in autumn air
Foshan China 2022-10-30 20:37

On autumn days, Dali Town in Nanhai District has just been wrapped up with some romance of pink, a color you can only expect once in a year. Pink blossoms in clusters look appealing to pedestrians. 


Floss-silk trees in full blossoms (Photo by He Yanhui, Pearl River Times)


Floss-silk trees come to blossom from every October to November.


One specific spot to capture this romantic color would be where Huanghai Road and Poyang Road intersect. The flowers, vibrant in bursting colors, match perfectly with the cityscape.


Floss-silk trees decorating the streets (Photo by He Yanhui, Pearl River Times)


A few birds are even nesting up on the tree if you have a closer look up there.


On top of floss-silk trees, pink muhly grass also brightened up the sky in Dali. In Luocheng Park, which lies in Yayao Community, a vast coverage of this pink color gathered up quite a lot people.


Local residents busy taking photos by the pink muhly grass. (Wu Zhiheng, Pearl River Times)


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