"Treasure pottery works" open to exhibition now
Foshan China 2022-11-18 15:57

On November 16 , Shiwan Pottery Work Exhibition was held in No. 8 Art Exhibition Hall in Foshan. It’s one of the activities of the 6th China (Foshan) Ceramic Creativity Week 2022. The activity aims to let everyone feel the charm of ceramics, and to enhance the influence of "Foshan culture and creativity".

At the same time, at the exhibition with nearly one hundred pieces of "treasure pottery works", tourists can feel the colorful Shiwan pottery glaze. The works in this exhibition mainly focus on characters, animals, vessels and other subjects.

Dragon Kiln works (Photo by Heyong from Foshan Daily)

According to the introduction, “Dragon Kiln” is a common type of ceramics in the southern region of China, which could be dated back to more than 3,000 years ago. With the development of the industry, various kinds of tools emerged, and the pottery products made through wood-fired skills always appear surprising due to the firing temperature, time and other factors.

This exhibition brings together works made with different calcination tools over the past decades. These "treasure pottery works" with local characteristics of Foshan show the development and evolution of Foshan pottery.

The exhibition will end on December 15. Some of pottery works in this exhibition are temporarily borrowed from private collectors and will be returned immediately after the exhibition. After this exhibition, there is no arrangement for the subsequent circuit exhibition, so those who want to see Foshan's “treasure pottery works” should hurry up to see them!

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