2022 Art and Culture Festival in Sanlongwan Foshan: A celebration for arts and talent
Foshan China 2022-11-22 11:45

November 20, the 2nd Foshan Talent Night and 2022 Sanlongwan Music Festival, were held in Foshan

On the gorgeous night of November 20th, the 2nd Foshan Talent Night (online) reached its peak with the soaring rendition of 5 scientists from Jihua Laboratory, which also marked the end of 2022 Art and Culture Festival in Sanlongwan Foshan (hereinafter referred to as "the Festival").

Since the Festival was kicked off on November 11, local residents have been taken on an artistic adventure - music-themed night cruise, creative markets and lectures and so on.

On November 20, Sanlongwan Sci-tech City arranged tons of fun events for high-level and international talents, so as to celebrate the closure of the Festival this year. In the afternoon, Lu Zhongqiang, a talented musician, presented a wonderful folk music session.

When the night falls, the 2nd Foshan Talent Night and 2022 Sanlongwan Music Festival, were live streamed on many platforms, which brought together high-end R&D talents of Jihua Laboratory, and winners from 2022 Foshan Urban Folk Contest, who also debuted their original song called "Sound of the City" (《听城》) on the spot. With the soaring melody permeating the whole venue, the singers expressed their affection for the city and paid huge tribute to these talents.

"This year we've experienced something new. I have made many friends during the event. I really look forward to staying here and starting a new life." said by Thomas, Senior Director of MSAT from Germany. This is the second year at the event.

Kong Lingde, from Singapore, who works as a teacher at ETON International School, gave a thumb up for the festival. "I like it, along with all sorts of events held in Sanlongwan. I had chances of learning Chinese culture, making friends with similar interests, and getting more scientific and creative inspiration."

The holding of the Festival is monumental. It powered up innovation resource and high-end talent pool as a whole. More of that, it also presented a broad platform for high-level talents in the region to make effective communication.

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