Foshan to pilot one PE class per day in primary school next year
Foshan China 2022-11-24 11:29

The scene of the men's 800 meters competition in the 6th Foshan Middle School Student Games.

Recently, Foshan has published a draft regulation on promoting physical education in school. It has outlined 26 key points from 6 major perspectives, including talent cultivation, method reformation, school requirements, evaluation and supervision, organizational support, etc.

The action plan proposes three stage goals listed below:

Till 2023: Schools shall be fully equipped with sound facilities and operation mechanism. The excellent rate of physical health test of students shall achieve above 50%.

Till 2025: Students shall be skillful in 1 to 3 types of sports. The excellent rate shall achieve above 50%.

Till 2035: There shall be 20 leading sports characteristic school in Foshan. The excellent rate shall achieve above 60%.

Practically, the action plan points out that exercises and sport competition shall be included in the regular teaching schedule. Since 2023, primary school should have one physical education class per day. Regarding secondary and high school, the number of physical education classes per week shall be 4 -5, 3-5, respectively.

Students from Luocun Primary School are practicing Wing Chun.

Remarkably, there shall be 10 minutes of physical exercise at least in each PE class.

Meanwhile, at least 30 minutes of exercise is required for both primary and secondary schools. In case of weekday without PE class, at least 40 minutes of sport activities should be included.

In terms of the sport competition, it suggests that municipal sports meeting for middle schools shall be held once every three years.

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