CCTV: Foshan empowered with RCEP in cross-border e-commerce
Foshan China 2022-11-25 13:01

On November 21, in CCTV's coverage on preferential policies covered in RCEP, Foshan was highlighted as one of the cities that seized this giant opportunity. With new cross-border e-commerce model, Foshan now sees increased products sale to RCEP countries.

CCTV reports that Foshan sees increased products sale to RCEP countries. (Photo/CCTV)

To bolster trade to Southeast Asian countries, in particular, Foshan has announced a new custom clearance window this year in Guangxi Friendship Pass Port, the closest link to Vietnam. It now only takes around 10 hours of shipping and 2 hours of custom clearance before products arrive in the destinations.

Take a local home appliance manufacturer for example. For the first 10 months on record, the brand has registered a 50% increase on export to Vietnam and doubled value on sales in Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

CCTV reports that RCEP promotes enterprises to explore the international market. (Photo/CCTV)

As the RCEP policy made Guangxi a new trade port, land transportation has been an ideal choice for traders. Land transportation produces efficiency as high as air transportation, but is 75% cheaper in price, making it a fair alternative for cross-border e-commerce traders.

In the first 10 months, 778 times of custom clearances have been done on the route, creating an overall export value of over 1.1 billion.

Nowadays, Foshan has implemented several supportive methods to help companies expand international markets, including financial support, online exhibition, convenient cross-border service, etc.

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