Japanese artist brought vitality for Lingnan rural culture with water-themed artworks
Foshan China 2022-11-25 16:41

The ongoing Art Field Nanhai has attracted top artists from all over the world, among which the Japanese artist Akinori Matsumoto impresses audience with his novel artworks in Ruxi Village. Known as the Bamboo Instructor, he combines the distinctive features of Lingnan Water Village with his artworks, Akinorium in Qiaoshan. During the experience of creating in the so-called "Village of Sangyuanwei Water Veins," why did he say creating in Foshan has healed his soul? What inspired him to experiment with water for the first time? Let's discover Ruxi Village and explore the art world of Akinori Matsumoto.

Author | Linn

Revisor | Jersey, Eleanor