Shunde to pilot the inclusion of art subjects into high school admission
Foshan China 2022-11-28 16:08

Foshan will promote the inclusion of art subjects into high school admission before expanding the scheme to cover the whole city by 2025. As a pilot basis in Guangdong Province, Shunde district will promote the pilot reform of senior high school enrollment.

The scheme proposes that by 2023, art education will cover of all primary and secondary schools in Shunde. By 2025, students will be able to master 1-2 artistic specialties. Foshan will add dance, film and television, calligraphy, photography and other courses at school.

Foshan will also bring traditional Chinese culture and Cantonese opera culture into schools and create 60+ Foshan Cantonese opera schools by 2025.

The scheme also mentions that schools will build more multi-functional classrooms through various means such as government investment. In addition, schools are encouraged to build high-standard concert halls and art buildings.

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Source | Foshan Daily