Another cultural exhibition and service industry complex to settle in Shunde
Foshan China 2022-11-29 14:47

On November 25, the cultural exhibition and service industry complex began construction in Shunde High-tech Zone and it is expected to operate in 2025. The complex includes business offices and cultural and leisure spaces.

As the first cultural exhibition and service industry complex project here, this project is located at the core of the business supporting area of Shunde High-tech Zone.

Project Location: East of De Fu Road and north of Shun Sheng Road in the city.

Project Area: An area of 10,709.19 square meters, with total construction area of about 48,200 square meters across 9 floors.

Project Facilities: Places for entertainment,business, exhibition and other cultural activities; theatre with minimal capacity of 250 people; 323 car park included.

The project includes green areas, bridges and other landscape works, and will become the "urban living room" of Shunde High-tech Zone after completion.

Shunde High-tech Zone Park focuses on the rental needs of talents, and makes every effort to provide apartments suitable for both living and working. Shunde High-tech Zone apartments are expected to run next year.

Author | Kya

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Photo | Pearl River Times, Shunde High-tech Zone Committee