Sanshui Hekou: An Ancient History Museum by Beijiang River
Foshan China 2022-11-29 16:12

Near the Beijiang River there lies an ancient history museum with hundreds of years old. Here are the oldest customs buildings and railway station in Guangdong, and the oldest post office in Foshan.

In 1897, the Qing government was forced to set up a commerce port and permitted the British to set up consulate and customs office in Sanshui.

At that time, the four ports of Jiangmen, Ganzhu, Zhaoqing and Deqing were under jurisdiction of Sanshui Customs.

The development of waterway transport also laid groundwork for the arrival of railroad, and on October 5, 1903, the Railway from Foshan to Sanshui was opened to traffic. By 1909, the customs building in Sanshui was also completed.

At the back side of the Customs Building is the staff dormitory. Although the dormitory building is small, it has multiple facilities, a health station, a power station and a basketball court.

Previously, the whole area around the port was very prosperous. Even though the Hekou Port has withdrawn from the stage of history due to policies, it still retained the memory of many people.

The residential building behind the customs building still maintains the architectural style of the 1990s.

Previsouly, it was a place where bandits and pirates entrenched. To ensure the regional safety, Sanshui was officially recognised as a countryin 1526, Ming Dynasty.

This is also described in Local History of Sanshui : The ancient city has a circle shape, with Renshou Fang in the center, surrounded by Sanshui Country Government, schools, temples and other buildings.

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