Mega city axis to gather steam in Nanhai, Foshan
Foshan China 2022-11-29 18:38

On November 25, Nanhai unveiled its plan to build a brand-new city medial axis at Nanhai International Convention and Exhibition Center in Dali Town. As announced, some other renewal projects will also be underway, as construction for the medial axis is being picked up.

City medial axis in Nanhai stretches over 12 kilometers, with 7 kilometers in Dali Town.

On the 12-kilometer axis, educational resources will be upgraded, highlighted by the key project - Nanhai Experimental Central Axis Primary School. The school, located inside the Juhao plot, covers an area of around 20,000 square meters (a total construction area of more than 32,400 square meters). Upon completion, there will be 36 classes that provide compulsory education for 1620 students, as estimated.

Along with the projects, Nanhai also maps out some other efforts, like Nanhai Art Center Area, city renewal, which covers areas including landscape, road, power generation, village renovation, soil consolidation and more.

Nanhai Art Center Area, an essential part of the city axis, will polish up the image of Nanhai as a highland of financial service, cultural and entertainment. Facilities, such as grand theater, museum, sports center and so on, will also be in place then.

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