‘Made in Shunde’ machines provide food for taikonauts
Foshan China 2022-12-05 14:04

To let astronauts enjoy the "taste of home" in space, "Made in Shunde" went to space with the manned spaceship.

On January 29, 23:08, Shenzhou XV has successfully launched at the Gansu Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

How to ensure the nutrition and taste of the food for astronauts in space?

Since 2011, Galanz officially established a team to develop healthy diet for astronauts, which comes with rich nutrition, better taste, high efficiency and lower carbon emission. After ten years of experiments, Galanz finally invented a microwave that can withstand the strict conditions of space travel.

Galanz microwave

Compared to regular microwaves, the space one will have higher standards, for instance, the tolerance to the gravity, the resistance to external signals, high efficiency, etc.

Space microwaves are subjected to 2000Hz high frequency resonance during levitation. To overcome this issue, the space microwave has adopted aluminum alloy structure and other innovative techniques like whole shaped molding.

Additionally, weight, volume, efficiency are other challenges. Compared to the regular one, the volume of space microwave is restricted to 7 liters. The maximal power is set to be 600 watts. In terms of weight, the power supply is only 0.6 kg, 80% less. 

After a serial of modifications, space microwave is capable to serve in space station for 10 years.

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