Come and see "space seeds" at Foshan Agricultural Science Institute
Foshan China 2022-12-05 15:07

On December 1, the 21st Guangdong Seed Conference activities were held at the Foshan Agricultural Science Institute.

Colorful eggplant trees, nearly 3 meters of loofah forest, "space seeds" ...... a large number of high-tech agricultural products were on display in Nanshan Town, Sanshui District, Foshan.

Space breeding seedlings [Photo by Baihua]

667 varieties were unveiled in the 11-acre display area

A melon vine gathered the special melons around Foshan; "Loofah forest" grew a giant loofah of more than 2.7 meters...This magical scene appeared in Foshan Agricultural Science Institute display area.

The loofah forest of more than 2.7 meters tall [Photo by Baihua]

The display area covers an area of 6,600 square meters, showing a number of new agricultural technologies. "Colorful melon vine" has used the technology of agricultural grafting.

The total display area of this activity reaches 43,000 square meters, displaying 667 varieties in total. Among them, 20,000 square meters of good seed display area has more than 600 kinds of crops.

There is also a flower display area, showcasing 30 types of chrysanthemums; A facility cultivation display area, showcasing new technologies such as soilless cultivation; A SangJi fish pond display area, showcasing modern fish pond farming models; And a picking area, catering to the tourists' need to interact with these crops.

The event will last nearly a month, from December 2 to 31. You can book your visit in advance.

Excellent seed coverage in Foshan exceeds 98%

From 2007 to now, Foshan has introduced more than 7,000 kinds of crops and promoted 90+ new technologies. Among them, 35 new varieties have been cultivated by the Foshan Institute of Agricultural Science, with a planting area of 4,600 square kilometers and a coverage rate of over 98% in Foshan.

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