The result of ‘Zhuoyue Cup’ released, a visual feast of jade carving
Foshan China 2022-12-05 15:32

On October 28, 2022, the seventh "Zhuoyue Cup" event (hereinafter referred to as “Zhuoyue Cup” was held in Pingzhou Jade Jewelry Town.

In the past month, several jade carving competitions have been held here.

Among them, “The Zhuoyue Cup” is the key event. Since 2016, it has been held for seven years, attracting jade carvers from everywhere and making it one important competition with significant national influence.

Gold Medal: "On the Fujiang River", by Liu Dong

There are over 400 tigers hidden in this artwork "Roar of Tigers through Mountains and Seas"

As a witness of seven consecutive "Zhuoyue Cup", Shi Zongying, a Chinese jade carver, hopes to build a platform for jade carvers to communicate and present their creative artworks through “Zhuoyue Cup”.

"Black and White with No Forms", by Zhang Minhui , Shi Zongying

Next, the Pingzhou jade jewelry town will consistently hold various (Jade carving)competitions, build more communication platforms for jade carvers, and promote the jade industry towards broader directions like high-end design, jewelry inlay and other fields.

This year, there are 6 categories of award: 15 for gold, 35 for silver, 50 for bronze, best craftwork, best creativity and ten outstanding jade designers.

In addition to traditional carving elements such as figures, plants and animals, many creative elements and carving techniques have adopted, making the artworks enchanted with deeper cultural meaning.

Jade carving "Ci Hang" By Xu Qunhao&Wang Xuegang

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