100 mln to build a tea product distribution base in Sanshui, Foshan
Foshan China 2022-12-06 14:31

Sanshui Leping looks to build a high standard business complex, Leping Zhidi Zen Cultural Park. With total investment of over 100 million yuan, it will incoporate the trading of tea products, tea culture communication and professional training.

Leping Zhidi Zen Cultural Park covers a total area of 28,454.41㎡, with total construction area of 35,573.41㎡ and greenery coverage of 35.04%.

According to the scheme, a cultural and creative industry hall of 6000 square meters will be built. It will incorporate high-end facilities and mangement models, introduce hundreds of famous brands, attracting cultural scholars, designers and craftsmen to settle down.

Among them, one key focus of the project is to build a training center for tea art skills. It aims to promote the tea culture and foster the development of tertiary industries.

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