600B loan! Nanhai provides increasing financial support to enterprises
Foshan China 2022-12-07 16:52

The first 10 months operational statistic of macro economy in Nanhai was released. Notably, the total amount of loan (including local and foreign currencies) has exceeded 600 billion yuan, among which the loan for manufacturing, leasing and retail industries maintained rapid growth.

Since the release of 10 financial supportive methods in May, 20 financial institutions in Nanhai have launched over 80 financial products to help enterprises and stablise the economic growth.

Innovative service, better support to manufacturing industry

At the end of October, Nanhai's overall deposit (including local and foreign currencies) has reached RMB 827.798 billion, an increase of 21.4%; the overall loan (including local and foreign currencies) has reached RMB 605.360 billion, an increae of 18.4%.

By the end of October 2022, Nanhai Rural Commercial Bank has issued 409.49 million yuan in "Digital Loan" products, with a loan balance of 391.07 million yuan, ranking as the top district in Foshan.

Various products, solid foundation for technology innovation

Finance is considered as the bloodline of real economy and an essential tool to stimulate technology development In recent years, Nanhai financial institutions have focused on the development of financial services and technology innovation. As of the third season in 2022, loan provided to high-end enterprises was 46.2 billion yuan, up by 28.5%. Loan provided to science and technology research and technology services industry has increased by 45.68%.

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