A Hongkong movie style street in Shunde brings you back to 90s century
Foshan China 2022-12-07 17:03

Along the Qinghuai River in Ronggui Town, Shunde District, you will capture the marvellous photos in which two distinct scenes have perfectly blended.

Laid by the river, old architectures with the touch of history have presented the unique Lingnan village style. Every item here has captured the memory of happiness.

Laizai Bridge is one remarkable spot.

It was named by the custom here that parents went out for business and left their kids by the bridge.

Recently, Ronggui has made great effort in environment reformation along rivers.

Since then, the "movie street" by the river has become the iconic attraction.

By restoring the buildings like hotelsand barbershops, the street tends to drag everyone back to the 90s century.

The broken skin of stores, the posters in yellow... all features are telling the stories back in the childhood of post 80s and 90s.

Author | Eddie

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