Foshan garners 300 billion yuan in project investment
Foshan China 2022-12-08 15:02

According to recent data released by Foshan Municipal Bureau of Investment Promotion, by November 28, the city has signed up to a record-breaking 410 projects, as contracted at more than 100 million yuan or 10 million US dollars. All that added up to 313.294 billion yuan in investment volume.

Record made to 300 billion yuan for the first time

By far this year, Foshan made it the first time in its economic history to garner up to 300 billion yuan in investment attraction. Downward pressure of the overall economy in China, complicated by internal and external challenges, has made it tougher to have new industrial settlement anywhere now in China. For Foshan, the exciting data marks a historic moment ever, but not one that came easily after all.

On its path towards quality economic growth, Foshan has always included in its formula that investment promotion is essential to a city if it is to sustain investment promotion. In this spirit, Foshan has put forward last August the "4 major resolutions" to make "4 major changes". "4 major changes" include its strong commitment towards contiguous industrial zones, quality industrial growth, stable land supply, and effective investment attraction.

Behind the success Foshan also owed a huge part to a pool of sharp business geniuses, who have done grounded work to attract investors from China and all over the world. Foshan Municipal Bureau of Investment Promotion, in particular, has been marshaled to lead some of the keyand quality flagship projects this year.

Equal focus on quantity and quality

Overall, over the past 10 month, the number and contracted value of the projects signed in Foshan have both reached newer heights, compared to the same period last year.

As of industrial diversity, new projects this year have showcased strategic interests in sectors like automobile and new energy, along with other emerging and pillar industries. These projects involve more than 39 billion yuan in value.

In terms of project scale, Foshan has gathered 74 projects of more than 1 billion yuan, which account for 67 percent of the total investment. 60% of these projects have settled physically in local industrial parks in Foshan.

At present, Foshan has made it a top priority to building the "Double 10 Industrial Parks", as part of its efforts to attract more World's Top 500 Enterprises, and key enterprises from Germany and Japan. Following the pattern, Foshan is on the right track to scale new heights in business investment.

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