Toly Bread to invest 2 billion yuan to establish South China Baked Food Centre
Foshan China 2022-12-08 15:44

Toly Bread Company will invest a total of 2 billion RMB to build the South China Baked Food Center project and establish the regional headquarters in South China.

Foshan Toly Bread Company purchased a 60,000-square-metre area for 45.8 million yuan. It will be used for pastry andbread making and quick-frozen food manufacturing project.

Production base at Foshan Toly Bread Company

The Food Centre project is planned to have a total of 2 billion yuan investment and expected to have an annual tax revenue of 36 million upon reaching the production goal. The project will build a manufacturing centre, a technology research and development centre, a marketing centre, etc. It will mainly produce baked goods such as bread and cakes, as well as cold chain foods such as sandwiches and rice balls. Among them, the total production capacity of bread is expected to reach 68,000 tonnes per year.

The Shuidu base has obvious location advantages to cover the Pearl River Delta Area and the whole South China, helping lay the foundation for the brand's expansion in the South China.

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Photo | Toly Bread Company