One-trillion-yuan key investment being planned in Foshan 2023
Foshan China 2023-03-16 14:56

Key construction project plan of Guangdong and of Foshan in 2023 will be released soon. In 2023, Foshan will implement 546 key construction projects, with a total investment of over 1070 billion yuan, and an annual planned investment of over 120 billion yuan. Among them, there are 211 provincial projects, with a total investment of 803 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 75 billion yuan; and there are 335 municipal projects, with a total investment of 267 billion yuan, and an annual planned investment of 45 billion yuan.

In 2023, 211 projects in Foshan are listed in Guangdong provincial projects, involving new infrastructure, urban construction, upgrading of traditional industries, modern service industry, cultural tourism and sports and resident security.

Among them, there are 62 infrastructure projects, with a total investment of 448.4 billion yuan. Remarkably, there are many large-scale projects with an investment of over 5 billion yuan or even 10 billion yuan, such as the Foshan Section of the Pearl River Delta Intercity Guangfo Ring Line, Foshan Jihua Road West Extension Project, and Shunde Waterway Capacity Expansion and Upgrading Project.

In recent years, Foshan has attached great importance to the construction of industrial park carriers, for instance, Cangjiang Industrial Park, Mingcheng Airport Economic Zone in Gaoming, Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City, etc.

And there are 133 industrial projects with a total investment of 307.4 billion yuan, including 20-billion-yuan-worth Guangdong Brunp Integrated New Material Industrial Project, 6-billion-yuan-worth Shunde Gold and Jewelry Innovation Eco-city Project, and 2-billion-yuan-worth South China Hydrogen Energy Industrial Base of Guodian Investment.

Notably, there are 16 livelihood security projects with a total investment of over 47.1 billion yuan, such as the construction of Guangdong Institute of Mechanical Technology Nanhai Campus, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Foshan Campus, etc.

As for the municipal key construction projects, there are 70 projects with a total investment of 62.4 billion yuan, 219 industrial projects with 165.6 billion yuan, and 46 livelihood security projects with 38.9 billion yuan.

Foshan is vigorously promoting the manufacturing industry. Vast fields have been covered in those industrial projects, including new generation of information technology engineering, biological industry, high-end equipment manufacturing, etc. Additionally, the investment and construction of modern service industry has also been accelerating, with the Times Maker Industry Center, Shenzhen International Foshan Gaoming Advanced Manufacturing and Aviation Hub Supply Center project, Sanlongwan Digital Intelligence Sci-Tech Industrial Park project included. In terms of livelihood protection projects that attract public attention, there are 16 education projects and 10 medical and health projects.

In addition, the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently issued a notice on the special fund investment plan for the 2023 regional coordinated development strategy, Three projects in Foshan are entitled to 75-million-yuan subsidy, including Foshan Pearl River Delta Hub Airport, airport transportation hub infrastructure project, and Shunde Ronggui Water System and Environment Comprehensive Treatment Project.

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