Intl level biomedical equipment project landed in Sanshui
Foshan China 2023-03-20 16:19

Yundonghai Biomedical Industrial Park in Foshan ushered in the first industrial project in 2023. On March 16, the liquid chromatography filler and biomedical separation and purification project landed in Sanshui. The project with an annual output of 150 million yuan has made a breakthrough in the field of biomedical equipment consumables in China. It's expected to realize trial production in December.

The signing ceremony of the project. (Provided by Sanshui Archives Bureau)

"It looks tiny, but it is very important." Zheng Yongxiang, general manager of Weichun Biotechnology Co., Ltd., introduced the liquid chromatography analysis column and preparative column to the public. The "little pillar", only about 20 centimeters long, is an essential analysis and separation tool in the fields of analysis and testing, biomedicine, food safety, environmental testing, etc. "It's even adopted in the purification of insulin." Zheng said.

The company has broken the international monopoly with its packing technology of chromatographic core. (Photo from Foshan Daily)

Zheng Yongxiang stated that the annual production of liquid chromatography packing and biomedical separation medium is expected to reach 25 tons after pilot operation. "Product price is only 50% to 60% of similar overseas products, which greatly reduces the cost of analysis, testing, separation and purification, strengthening the security of local supply chain."

Guangdong Yigu·Yundonghai Life Science Park is speeding up its construction. (Photo provided by Guangdong Yigu·Yundonghai Life Science Park)

Foshan Yundonghai Biomedical Industrial Park has attracted a large number of high-quality projects. Luo Junyu, deputy head of Sanshui District, said that in accordance with the 3.0 industrial park standards, it will help accelerate the construction of infrastructures and build an one-hundred-billion level biomedical platform.

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