Spring Equinox | everything meeting their vigorous moment in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-03-21 10:02

In this lovely season, good things are coming right on their ways.

Today (March 21) marks "Chunfen" this year. Chunfen, which means Spring Equinox, is the fourth term of the year. In this season, everything in nature are coming back to life. Let's start the romantic trip and feel the beauty of Foshan! 

Flowers in full bloom

This is the romantic Foshan

With the spring breeze, Foshan is gradually turning green. With the blossom, the "city garden" is showing its most colorful and beautiful moment. Shuttling in the flower sea, it's just like being in Monet's garden, leaving visitors a deep impression.

The 4-km-long yellow tabebuia chrysantha surrounding the Xiqiao Mountain are swaying in the breeze. (Photo provided by Xiqiao Mountain)

Bauhinia flowers along Huanzhen West Road in Lecong are in full blossom in this spring. (Photo by Zhou Zhuojie, Zhujiang Business)

The lively foxgloves are like fairies in spring, telling a romantic story.

Walk into the Century Lotus Sports Center, a picture of golden ocean comes to the visitors. Various colors of marigolds hasten their time to bloom in this spring, showing a gorgeous scene.

Farming activities in full swing

This is the vibrant Foshan

Chunfen is also an ideal time for spring outing and getting closer to the nature. In this season, farming activities are in full swing across Foshan, depicting a lively picture of harvest in spring.

In Xinhe Village, Shishan, Nanhai, a farmer is using machine to sow seedlings. (Photo by Li Junliang)

In Foshan Xindi Agricultural Park, farmers are harvesting cabbages. (Photo by Zhou Zhuojie, Zhujiang Business)

At the aquaculture farm in Nanahi, a worker is checking the growth of koi fish.

Farmer is tidying up the vegetable field. (Photo by Li Junliang)

Various food in season

This is the delicious Foshan

Spring is like a banquet with lots of unique delicious food. In this season, every food seems to contain the taste of spring. Foshan people are experts in making a variety of delicacies in spring, leaving this unique freshness on the tongue.

Qingtuan, made of wormwood, is Foshan people's favorite in spring. Wormwood is classified as warm ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, which could help people disperse cold and dampness. Having a bite of Qingtuan, you would be loaded with full energy.

Every year from March to May, it is the harvest season for mulberry in Nanhai. The combination of red and purple mulberry is like a color palette, spreading out a fresh aroma. Having a bite of mulberry, your taste buds will encounter the fabulous combo of sweetness and sourness.

Running at full speed

This is the vigorous Foshan

In the busy enterprise workshop, with machines roaring, the staff are working against time to boost production. Foshan people are working at full speed in this spring.

Workers at Shunte Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. are stepping up production. (Picture provided by enterprise)

Teachers and students from Shunde Experimental Middle School are depicting the beauty of cherry blossoms. (Photo by He Guanhong, Zhujiang Business)

On March 18, the 2023 Foshan 50KM Hike Cultural Week was officially launched in Shiwan, Chancheng.  Since 2015, Foshan has held the activity for six consecutive years, which has attracted more than one million hiking enthusiasts and citizens from home and abroad. The 50KM Hike has become the name card of Foshan. On March 25, the 50KM Hike in Foshan will return after three years' of suspension.

Let's set off in this spring, and meet a new world in 2023!

Reporter | Eleanor

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