German enterprises explore opportunities in Foshan Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City
Foshan China 2023-03-30 17:07

Discover GBA: Foshan Sino-German Business Matching Conference will be held in HITrom Han's Robots Intelligent Manufacturing City on March 31, according to the Committee of Foshan Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City.

This event will introduce the industrial, business and cultural environment of Foshan to German enterprises via series events like special promotion, field visit and group conversation. Currently, there are representatives from over 40 German enterprises registered, covering multiple industrial fields of bio-medicine, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, digital transformation, new energy and environment protection.

To further deepen the cooperation between China and Germany, discussing meeting will be arranged during the conference. The committee will provide direct assistance in market examination and partner selection for each enterprise.

Therefore, Sanlongwan cordially invites Foshan's enterprises to attend for further discussion about business opportunity, promoting win-win solution in market expansion.

This is one perfect example of Foshan's strategy, "Recommend Foshan to the world, Introduce more international investments". Sanlongwan has made remarkable efforts in improving the collaboration between Foshan and European countries.

In February, organized by Foshan Investment Promotion Bureau and Foshan Sino-German Industrial Services Zone Administrative Committee, two delegation teams have made their visits to Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Belgium, and launched a series of investment promotion and exchange activities.

In terms of relevant service, Sanlongwan has issued the Support Measures of Foshan Sino-German Industrial Services Zone (Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City) to Enhance Sino-German Industrial Cooperation (Trial) in October, 2022, which provides maximum of 20-million-yuan subsidy to each valid German enterprise.

Additionally, during the investment promotion meeting held in Berlin this February, Sanlongwan released the partnership program of China-German Collaboration in the Greater Bay Area. Sanlongwan has become partnership with German enterprises, which will help German enterprises in expanding its market and winning new business opportunities.

Nowadays, Sanlongwan has provided customized service to German enterprises in different development phases. On March 31, Sanlongwan Sino-German Industrial Park Innovative Incubation Base will be launched too, with several German enterprises signing the collaboration agreement during the meeting.

Commented by Pan Dongsheng, the director of the Administrative Committee of Sanlongwan, they will strive to attract more European enterprises to settle down in the Greater Bay Area, and promote Foshan's projects to the world.

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