Midea's founder launches 3 billion yuan science foundation
Foshan China 2023-05-23 14:06

On May 21, the 2023 Greater Bay Area Science Forum witnessed a significant event as Mr. He Xiangjian, the renowned founder of Midea Group, officially unveiled the "He Xiangjian Science Fund". Established with a remarkable personal investment of 3 billion yuan, the fund aims to empower scientific researchers, inspire young minds, and contribute to national technological advancement.

Mr. He Xiangjian expressed his aspirations for the science fund, emphasizing the integral role of scientific development in the progress and prosperity of a nation. Recognizing the significance of technological breakthroughs, he underscored his commitment to allocating resources and encouraging researchers to explore new frontiers.

The fund's scope encompasses crucial disciplines such as information technology, artificial intelligence, healthcare, energy, and climate. By fostering original and forward-thinking research and facilitating the transformation of its outcomes, the fund aims to make a lasting impact on the scientific landscape.

Mr. He Xiangjian's philanthropic efforts extend beyond science, encompassing diverse domains such as education, culture, rural development, poverty alleviation, elderly care, and innovation. His genuine gratitude towards China and its people has inspired him to give back consistently.

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