Go experience the leisure agriculture tourism in Nanhai
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If you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, a day trip to experience the leisure agriculture in Nanhai will be a great option. You can visit Huangxi Village in Shishan, taste Cantonese cuisines and pick corns at the Yanfeng Corn Garden in Shishan, Nanhai.

Recommended Leisure Attractions in Shishan

Huangxi Village

Huangxi Village, located at the junction of Shishan Town and Dali Town in Nanhai District, has a history of 800 years. Hidden in the industrial zone, this ancient village is surrounded by rivers, shaded by ancient trees and dotted with various ancient buildings.

The panorama of Huangxi Village

Villagers' old objects record the past of both the village and their own

Theme park in Huangxi Village

Cantonese cuisines made of local agricultural products

Bitter gourds, a kind of vegetable peculiar to Guangdong Province, are considered by the Cantonese to be especially beneficial for health in the summertime. Round-shape bitter gourds, a type of bitter gourds that are unique to Tanbian Village in Shishan, are cooked by local villagers in the most creative way, who turn the specialties into delicacies, such as bitter gourd sashimi, desserts and so on.

Round-shape bitter gourds in Tanbian Village

Bitter gourd sashimi

Bitter gourd dessert


Location: Nian Nian Hao Jing Restaurant

Open time: 09:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00

Address: by the side of Tianbian Market, Shishan

The Corn Garden in Yanfeng

The Corn Garden in Yanfeng Community is a comprehensive urban leisure agriculture base integrating sightseeing tourism, modern creative agriculture leisure entertainment, science education and fruit and vegetable picking. Filled with corn fields, the garden is famous for its sweet corns, which can be eaten raw.

Corn fields

Sweet corn

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