Amazing summer in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-05-25 14:17

For those who enjoy picturesque scenery, the summertime of Foshan might be the best season you could appreciate the city's beautiful natural landscape. You can visit the rolling paddy fields, various blooming flowers and lush green plants. Moreover, you can have fun in the unique mulberry fish pond to explore the culture of mulberry silkworm in Foshan. Here are some recommended attractions for you.

Paddy fields

Rice grows well in Dazhou Village, Nanhai. (Photo/Chen Jiajun)

Paddy fields in Gaoming. (Photo/Li Xinyan)

Blooming flowers

Drizzle and breeze, flowers smell sweet.

Lotus blossoms in the Asian Art Park, Chancheng. (Photo/Zeng Zhongyi)

Cosmos sulphureus in Shunfeng Mountain Park.

Marigolds in the wetland park of Foshan New Town. (Photo/Su Xiaotong)

Bird perches on the branches. (Photo/ Su Xiaotong)

Greenery in parks

Vibrant Asian Art Park. (Photo/ Li Xinyan)

Lush Greenery in Qiandeng Lake Park. (Photo/ Rong Zhuhua)

Mulberry fish pond

Children are watching the baby silkworms. (Photo/ He Chuchu)

In Foshan, there is a long-time tradition of planting mulberry trees and raising silkworms with mulberry leaves. You can take a tour to the mulberry fish pond, pick mulberry leaves, feed baby silkworms, and feel the fun of threading needles through a silk reeling machine.

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