Lotus flowers bloom ahead of Summer Solstice in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-05-29 11:05

Grain Buds passed, while the summer solstice is yet to come. Lotuses in Foshan have bloomed quietly, signaling the impending return of the city's lotus fairyland. Do you still remember the beautiful scenery of the summers gone by?

One of the most iconic and popular scenic spots in Foshan is the Asian Arts Park located in Chancheng District. Since the opening of its artificial mist scenery, it has attracted flocks of photography enthusiasts from all over China and become a well-known tourism destination in the Pearl River Delta and even the Greater Bay Area.

At the lotus island of Asian Arts Park, the little lotuses have already shown their tiny buds. With pink flowers and green leaves layered on top of each other, every blossom is showing their enchanting posture.

At the lotus island of Asian Arts Park, the blooming lotus flowers are utterly captivating. (Photo by Rong Zhuhua)

A Lotus flower in full blossom.

In the brilliant sunshine of early summer, numerous photography enthusiasts flock to witness the beauty of lotus blossom. (Photo by Rong Zhuhua)

Blooming lotus flowers are showing graceful postures.

A lotus flower hidden in the cluster of lotus leaves displays delicate and charming demeanor.

In the Shunfeng Mountain Park, the lake is dotted with clusters of lotus flowers and green leaves, forming a charming scene.

The blossoms stand tall and graceful among the green leaves, some still in buds, some in full bloom.

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Photo | Chancheng Release, Shunfeng Mountain Park