Second Proton and Heavy Ion Center in China capped
Foshan China 2023-05-30 14:36

On May 27, Heyou Proton and Heavy Ion Center was officially capped. It is expected to put into clinical trials in 2026. After completion, Heyou International Hospital would be the first medical institution in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the second medical institution in China with both proton and heavy ion radiotherapy technologies.

Heyou Proton and Heavy Ion Center, located in Beijiao Town in Shunde District of Foshan, is to be an important part of Heyou International Hospital. Consisting of proton and heavy ion therapy rooms, offices and supporting computer rooms, the center will be equipped with a proton heavy ion integrated system to provide both heavy ion rays, mainly carbon ions, and proton rays. Meanwhile, a proton therapy room equipped with a 360° rotating frame and two heavy ion therapy rooms equipped with three different ray angles will be constructed, one of which will be reserved for future technology upgrades.

According to Heyou, proton and heavy ion radiotherapy, as the world's leading tumor radiotherapy technology, is known as a powerful cancer therapy because of its milder side effects, wider application and higher tumor control rate compared with conventional radiotherapy. Proton and heavy ions can greatly reduce unnecessary irradiations of normal tissues and organs around the tumor and reduce damages to healthy tissues by "directionally blasting" the tumor, thus improving the therapeutic effect while reducing side effects.

As the first medical institution in Foshan with both proton and heavy ion radiotherapy technologies, Heyou International Hospital will continue to play a leading role in regional medical and health development in the future as well as a positive role in improving urban supporting functions and building medical and health highlands in Shunde District.

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