2023 Foshan Uniceramics Technology Expo kicks off in Shunde
Foshan China 2023-06-01 10:24

On May 30, 2023 Foshan Uniceramics Technology Expo welcomed a grand opening. More than 500 domestic and foreign enterprises and brands participate in the Expo, where a comprehensive display of new technologies, processes and equipment, covering the ceramic manufacturing industry chain, was unveiled, to foster high-quality development of the ceramic industry. The Expo will last for 4 days, concluding on June 2.

With the theme of "Lower Carbon, More Intelligent", this exhibition features a series of technological innovations presented by domestic and international exhibitors. There are not only intelligent solutions for the whole line of ceramic factory, but also digital upgrading solutions for different workshops and processes, as well as advanced zero-carbon combustion technology, the latest ceramic tile surface decoration technology, sintered stone processing and delivery solutions etc., showcasing the strong innovative capabilities of ceramic enterprises.

In the Expo, Keda Industrial Group showcases its latest products of intelligent manufacturing line from raw material equipment to packaging and storage and the company's digital ceramic factory solutions. System Ceramics from Italy exhibits its latest equipment and technologies, including compressors, inkjet machines and digital glazing technology. Yang Xuexian, general manager of Keda, believes that by attending the Expo, enterprises can not only display their technological innovation achievements, but also expand the domestic and foreign markets to seek more resources for cooperation.

In addition, several specialized forums and events are scheduled during the Expo, including the Night of Global Professionals of Ceramics, Foamed Ceramics Summit Forum, Ceramic Raw Materials Summit Forum etc. Ceramic manufacturers, experts and scholars will gather to discuss the future trends and development of the ceramic industry.

According to Wang Lei, Deputy Secretary General of Foshan Municipal Government, with the help of the Expo, Foshan ceramic machinery and equipment industry will lead the coordinated development of upstream and downstream ceramic industry clusters, forming an efficient and interconnected industrial ecology, and comprehensively boosting the upgrading of Foshan's ceramic industry.

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