Another Cityscape Axis: Phase II of Minghu Park in Gaoming Opens to Public
Foshan China 2023-08-29 10:21

Phase II of Minghu Park in Gaoming District is now open to public. With the integration of mesmerizing city and water landscape, the park serves as a perfect leisure destination for residents.

Located on the west side of the Phase Ⅰ of Minghu Park in Hefu Avenue, Phase II of Minghu Park is the core area of the riverside axis in the Xijiang New City of Gaoming, covering a total area of 101.59 hectares.

From an aerial view, Phase II of Minghu Park resembles the Chinese character "日" (meaning "the sun"), which is shaped by the waterfronts and the farmland. In contrast, Phase Ⅰ of Minghu Park takes the shape of a full moon, shining brightly alongside the "sun" lake. Meanwhile, it connects the central water corridor of Hefu Avenue, Xiuli River, and other water systems, establishing an urban landscape axis, and creating different landscape on the north and south banks of Minghu Lake.

In the center of the landscape axis, Shuiyun Tower, also called the "Tree of Life", will serve as an important node. The "Tree of Life" symbolizes knowledge, hope, life, and love. The tower is spiral-shaped, with lighting on the periphery gradually brightening from top to bottom. During specific times on weekends and holidays, the dynamic lighting will operate according to different themes, creating glamourous light shows, which makes Shuiyun Tower the most iconic architecture in the Phase II of Minghu Park.

Phase II of Minghu Park is mainly divided into three major parts: Mingdi Area, Binshui Commercial Area, and Ecology and Humanity Area.

Binshui Commercial Area covers four main sections: the City Pier Square, Minghu Water Street, Mingyue Square, and Minghu Marriage Registration Office.

As for the Ecology and Humanity Area, it consists of five main sections: Mingyue Terrace, Ecological Wetland, Urban Beach, Minglu Square, and Mingjing Sports Square.

The nine sections above along with the Mingdi area collectively make up the ten major sections of the Phase II of Minghu Park.

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