Upgraded APP to Provide One-Stop Medicare Service in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-08-30 14:06

On August 28, Foshan News and Media Center has signed cooperation agreements with Health 160 Group to jointly build up the medicare sector of "Foshan Plus" application.

The medicare sector will jointly collaborate with key government departments, health institutions and other relevant enterprises, in establishing a one-stop comprehensive platform. It aims to provide convenient and intelligent services to citizens, including heath information, internet medicare consultation, online booking and medicare service.

The new sector will be launched at the end of September. Underpinned by new operation pattern of "media+connection", there will be four main categories incorporated, Content (heath channel), Service (medical care), Community (evaluation system of Foshan Medicare) and Event (public benefit activities related to health). It will provide convenient and comfortable service through "Internet+Medicare" operation to ensure citizens' satisfaction. 

It will cover services like online booking, medicine collection, medicare consultation, which allows citizens to quickly access to appropriate medicare service. Regarding hospital registrations, online consultation rooms will be built with professional doctors, allowing citizens directly talk to doctors and receive professional advice.

Additionally, it will include evaluation system, which allows citizens to rate the doctors after online consultation. Therefore, it is expected to build an evaluation system based on citizen's feedback and encourage doctors for self-improvement, eventually enhancing the overall service level of Foshan's Medicare.

Reporter | Eddie

Revisor | Eleanor, Lynn

Photo | Foshan News and Media Center