Nanda Avenue Launches to Stimulate Sanlongwan's Development
Foshan China 2023-09-13 10:03

Nanda Avenue connects Sanlongwan Avenue, which significantly tightens the connection between Sanlongwan Area and Panyu CBD, Guangzhou.

Sanlongwan Avenue

On September 9, Nanda Avenue was officially put into operation, which has reduced the transportation time between Nanhai to Wanbo business cycle in Panyu (Guangzhou) to merely 20 minutes.

With a length of 30 kilometers, Nanda Avenue connects Zhongsan Road and Lotus Avenue in the surrounding area of Guangzhou South Railway Station, passes through Panhai Bridge, and links with Sanlongwan Nanhai Area.

Panhai Bridge

The operation of Nanda Avenue will further stimulate the development in Sanlongwan, by strengthening the communication with multiple key platforms, such as Guangzhou South Railway Station Area, Chimelong Wanbo Area, Dashi Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Innovation Park. It is expected to establish a more competitive alliance for comprehensive development.

Additionally, Nanda Avenue is expected to foster the economic exchange between Nanhai and the surrounding areas, either attracting more investments settle in Nanhai, or promoting tourism and retail industry as Florentia Village, amega high-end brand discount shopping mall.

Florentia Village

Meanwhile, Nanda Avenue might be further extended to Nansha District, Guangzhou, tightening the connection among areas in Pearl River Delta, and providing additional forces for the development in both Nanhai and Sanlongwan.

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