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Since the opening of the 17th "Jianlibao Cup" Foshan Football League, one of the grandest football galas in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, a total of 26 teams from Foshan and the GBA have participated the event, making Sanshui District a exciting gathering place for local residents and visitors alike during weekends. So far, with more than half of the schedule completed, the top 16 teams have successfully entered the next round of competition, which tend to be more competitive than ever. While enjoying the football games, why not appreciate the unique natural and cultural scenery of Sanshui? Relax yourself in this picturesque place and fully experience its charm beyond football.

Xi'nan Sub-district

Wenta Paradise

Located in the central area of Hekou Century Train Station Theme Park and Wenta Park, Wenta Paradise is a comprehensive theme park with diverse range of entertainment facilities. Covering an area of approximately 100,000 square meters, the park encompasses ecological tourism, water park, pet paradise, parent-child leisure, popular science education, and themed scenes.

The park has more than 20 advanced amusement activities, including the Ferris Wheel, Pirate Ship, Bumper Cars, Space Walk, Disco Carousel, and Go-Karts. Notably, the 50-meter-high Happy Ferris Wheel is the first Ferris wheel in Sanshui. It has 26 transparent crystal cabins and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete one rotation, providing chances for tourists to appreciate a 360-degree panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Sanshui.

Yundonghai Sub-district

Sanshui Forest Park

Sanshui Forest Park is a large comprehensive scenic spot with numerous attractions and unique scenery, known as the "charming oasis" of the Pearl River Delta. It has many representative attractions, including Confucious Memorial Hall, Crocodile Lake, Benhuan Temple, Giant Sleeping Buddha, Mandarin Duck Lake, and Declaration Square.

The park is home to a vast array of flowers, plants, and trees, showcasing an abundance of species. The dense bamboo forest stretches high into the sky, creating a natural canopy. Here, you can indulge in a leisurely stroll along the 2-kilometer lake-side greenway, surrounded by emerald green water. The crystal-like lake reflects the blue skies, fluffy clouds, verdant mountains, and lush trees, presenting a breathtaking spectacle.

Yundonghai National Wetland Park

Yundonghai National Wetland Park located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta is a key project of the construction of the National Forest City in Foshan and an important node for bird migration in the Pearl River Delta, owning rich biological resources including vast water surface and dense forests.

The park consists of Yundonghai North Lake, Huishui River, and the Moon Lake. It boasts a scenic tapestry of rippling lakes, lush greenery and flying birds, which is not only home to diverse animals and plants but also an ideal place for citizens to relax and spend a leisure vacation.

Sanshui Lotus World

Sanshui Lotus World is a national 4A-level tourist attraction, covering an area of 66.67 hectares. Consisting of the Lotus Ecological Leisure Area, Lotus Wonderland, Magic Space, Children's Park, and Pet Paradise, it is a comprehensive amusement park with "lotus" as the theme.

The combination of classical architecture and lotus and the integration of humanistic landscapes and ecological beauty make Sanshui Lotus World a must-see in Foshan. Here, you can take a stroll in the park with your family and friends, appreciate gracefully blooming lotus, and enjoy the appealing floral fragrance.

Leping Town

Daqitou Ancient Village

Daqitou Ancient Village has been famous for preservation of the largest handle house (also named wok ear house) ancient architectural complex in the Lingnan region, acting as a "gallery" of traditional Lingnan architecture.

In 2004, Daqitou Village was named the "No. 1 Village of Guangdong". Today, with its captivating antique beauty, Daqitou Village is still an indispensable cultural and tourist attraction in Sanshui.

Qiaoxin Ecological Park

Qiaoxin Ecological Park in Leping Town is a new ecological tourist attraction of multi-functions including agricultural sightseeing, popular science education, outdoor activities, leisure and local gastronomic specialties.

During autumn, the park welcomes a bountiful harvest of various fruits such as wampee, sunshine rose grapes, and dragon fruits. Here, you can enjoy the autumn vibe by picking fruits you like with family and friends.

Baini Town

Foshan Cultural and Creative Ancient Town

Foshan Cultural and Creative Ancient Town is a national 3A-level tourist attraction, encompassing multiple scenic spots such as Creative Granary, Grain Museum, Juxian Tower, Colorful Flower Fields, Chen's Family Ancestral Temple, Lacquer Art Creative Village, and Agricultural Park.

With a rich cultural heritage of four millennium, the town, archaistic and fascinating, radiates with modern civilization, making itself truly a must-visit in Baini Town.

Lubao Town

Xujiang Ancestral Temple

Xujiang Ancestral Temple, built during the Southern Song Dynasty, is the oldest existing temple in Sanshui and a provincial-level key cultural relic protection unit. With a diverse range of precious art collections including pottery sculptures, wood carvings, brick carvings, ash carvings, stone carvings, and wall inscriptions, the overall decoration of the temple is exquisite beyond description.

Nanshan Town

Nandan Mountain Forest Kingdom

Nandan Mountain Forest Kingdom is a perfect place to escape the bustles of the city. It offers visitors a refreshing experience with its cool waterfalls and lush greenery. Nestled within a verdant valley and shielded by lush foliage, Nandan Mountain Forest Kingdom serves as a natural haven to travelers with its complete recreation facilities, including Glass Bridge, Sky Mirror, Canyon Zip Line, Colorful Slides, Canopy Corridor, and Jungles, etc.

Jiudaogu Ecological Tourism Resort

If you want to try rafting, Jiudaogu, the only park with rafting facilities in Foshan, is the right place. With a total length of 3.8 kilometers and a total drop of 138 meters, the entire rafting journey takes about 90 minutes, allowing visitors to experience the excitement in the water.

Notably, Jiudaogu is also home to fireflies, where a preservation area of fireflies is especially established in order to provide an enjoyable viewing experience for visitors. Also, an insect museum and a butterfly viewing area are set up, enabling tourists to explore the wonders of nature.

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