XPENG AEROHT Flying Car Ground Comprehensive Testing Center Completed in Nanshan, Sanshui
Foshan China 2023-09-19 15:10

On September 16, the inauguration ceremony of XPENG AEROHT Flying Car Ground Comprehensive Testing Center was launched in Nanshan Town, Sanshui District, Foshan.

Covering an area of approximately 58,000 square meters, the test center focuses on the research and development of new technologies for flying cars, as well as the verification and establishment of technical standards. Notably, the completion of the center also signifies a breakthrough in the field of technology services for Nanshan Town.

The construction of the test center is divided into two phases, with the first phase already in use and some test equipment already in operation. The planning and construction of the second phase are currently underway.

The first phase covers an area of 30,000 square meters and mainly consists of 12 key large test rigs, including the industry's first gantry crane, rotor tower, and flight vibration table. As for the second phase, it covers an area of 28,000 square meters and plans to build test laboratories for key systems such as flight control and autonomous driving, including temperature-controlled environment labs, material mechanical performance labs, and experimental zones for the integration of aircraft and car usage scenarios, whose goal is to establish a benchmark test center for the flying car industry.

Chen Shuo, Deputy Director of XPENG AEROHT Flying Car Comprehensive Testing Center, introduced that the test center is an important part of the XPENG AEROHT flying car test and flight system. This center will conduct comprehensive ground tests, including strength, load, vibration, durability, environmental factors, and materials. It will support product validation from virtual simulation to real-world testing.

Also, according to Zhao Deli, Founder and CEO of XPENG AEROHT, the completion of the test center within four months will provide more time for the research and development of flying cars. "The next generation of 'land and air amphibious' flying cars are currently in a critical research and development phase. XPENG AEROHT test and flight system will continue to play a core role and help amphibious flying cars achieve mass production in the next 2-3 years," he said.

In fact, Nanshan has always been committed to creating a characteristic town with coordinated development of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. In recent years, Nanshan has fully made use of various types of capital, such as bonds and state-owned assets, to continuously improve the infrastructure within industrial parks, including roads, electricity, greenery, and comprehensive energy utilization. Meanwhile, its enduring efforts have been made to improve urban supporting facilities and create a favorable urban landscape.

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