2023 China Hydrogen Industry Conference kicks off in Nanhai, Foshan
Foshan China 2023-11-09 14:27

The 2023 China Hydrogen Industry Conference officially commenced on November 7 in Nanhai, Foshan, marking the seventh consecutive year of this significant industry event. With the theme "Green Hydrogen, Zero-Carbon Future," the conference was jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Government and the China International Economic Exchange Center.

The conference focused on key issues such as the Comprehensive Implementation of the "Long-Term Plan for Hydrogen Industry Development (2021-2035)," the Construction of Green Hydrogen Application Aemonstrations, the Path to Cost-competitive Green Hydrogen, and the Industrialization and Scaling of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies. It also explored technological innovations and international collaboration.

Nanhai's Role in the Hydrogen Industry

This year's conference highlighted the growing significance of Nanhai, Foshan, in the hydrogen industry. Nanhai was recognized as the "Hydrogen Industry Capital of China" in May, and it is now on a mission to become the "Number One Hub for China's Hydrogen Industry." This includes the initiation of the "Renewable Hydrogen 100 Action" initiative to accelerate the large-scale application of hydrogen in the transportation sector.

Unveiling of Hydrogen Projects

Several hydrogen projects were unveiled during the conference. Notable announcements included projects like the carbon paper by the State Power Investment Corporation's Hydrogen Technology Development Company, a new line of fuel cell vehicles by Foshan Feichi Automotive Technology Co., and a 250 Nm³/h electrolysis tank by Guangdong Cavaro Hydrogen Technology Co. Additionally, the conference saw the official launch of projects like the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Testing Center by Grandblue Energy, further boosting the hydrogen ecosystem.

High-level Forum on Global Hydrogen Cooperation

The conference featured a range of activities, including forums, expert dialogues, and exhibitions. Distinguished experts and academics provided insights on the latest research and technology trends in the global hydrogen industry, contributing to the industry’s development. The International Hydrogen Energy Cooperation High-Level Forum brought together experts from around the world to discuss topics such as global hydrogen infrastructure development, "Belt and Road" international hydrogen cooperation, and addressing climate change.

Exhibition Showcasing 320+ Hydrogen Companies

Running concurrently with the conference, the 7th International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology and Product Expo Foshan-China (CHFE2023) featured over 320 renowned hydrogen companies from 11 countries and regions. This extensive exhibition covered the entire hydrogen supply chain and allowed attendees to explore the latest innovations in the field.

Nanhai's Rapid Hydrogen Industry Growth

As one of the leading regions driving hydrogen industry development in China, Nanhai has witnessed remarkable growth in the hydrogen sector. With over 150 hydrogen-related companies and institutions and substantial investments, Nanhai is poised to achieve an annual output value exceeding 100 billion yuan. The region has become a leader in the adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles and has established an extensive network of hydrogen refueling stations.

The 2023 China Hydrogen Industry Conference in Nanhai not only showcased the latest developments in the hydrogen industry but also emphasized the region's vital role in advancing green hydrogen technologies and applications on a global scale. Nanhai is determined to pave the way for China's hydrogen industry as it rapidly expands into various sectors.



Photo | Foshan News