Capture Winter's Pink Romance in Chancheng
Foshan China 2023-11-27 10:21

Brightly pink flower blooms warmly, bringing a good mood to the public in the morning and curing their exhaustion at winter sunset. Recently, many citizens noticed a change of scenery in the road in Chancheng, with vibrant ceiba speciosa blossoming warmly and positively.

If you want to appreciate the ceiba flowers, those are the perfect places, at the junction of Nanhai Avenue and Jihua Road, Pujun South Road, Wenhua Park, People's Park, Zhongshan Park. Not limited to the park, during the commute or on the way back home, you can witness a cascade of pink flowers basking in the sunlight and gaze up at the beauty of life.

As long as you stop in a hurry, you will find that each branch is filled with delicate flowers. The flowers likes a waterfall making up Chancheng, which let people look like walking into the Monet's Garden.

It is said that the florescence of ceiba flowers in Foshan is from October to December. During the blossom, the tree will have more flowers, all large and dense, but fewer leaves. After the flowers fall, the leaves will grow and span across the branches in Spring, making it high ornamental value. At the same time, ceiba speciosa also has the ability to adsorb heavy metals, which is very suitable for street trees.

In recent years, Chancheng has significantly enhanced the green level of its streets and parks by planting a wide variety of plants in different colors, which continuously improving the urban environment. City Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Chancheng stated that they will focus on enhancing the color scheme and further greening important parks. Also, they will consistently enhance the overall green landscape, improve the quality of green spaces, and establish several small street corner parks for citizens to explore the beauty of nature at every spots in Chancheng.

Find some spare time! Either you are with your children or friends, come together and enjoy the leisure time in Flowering Chancheng.


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