The Inaugural Camping Life Expo Unlocks New Experience of Cultural Travel
Foshan China 2023-11-28 11:10

On November 24, the inaugural Camping Life Expo kicked off in Foshan. From November 24-26, outdoor concerts, camping lifestyle brands and various products, outdoor sports experience and other activities allowed people to feel the passion and vitality brought by the new scene of outdoor life in an all-round and multi-dimensional way.

The Inaugural Camping Life Expo is the largest and highest level of outdoor life experience activity in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area created by the concept of "Outdoor Life" in Foshan. Various multi-functional activities such as Style Camping Exhibition, Outdoor Experience Area, Music Area, Lingnan Market Area and Camping Leisure Area were set up on the scene.

Camping tents were scattered, lights were arranged in order, happy music flowed in the laughter of the crowd... As night falls, at the outdoor life conference site, the green lawn severed as the background color, the colorful tent was the seasoning, and the embellishment of lights also depicted a poetic "urban paradise" at the camping leisure area and style camping exhibition.

On the other side, the Music Area filled the outdoor life with leisure or warm atmosphere. On the first day of the activity, in the name of music, the national song hold the 3 out of 10 semi-finals to create a tense exciting and colorful grass competition concert. On the second day of the "Greater Bay Area Night" Music Aerobics concert, famous singers from the Greater Bay Area were also invited to bring wonderful performances of pop, folk, Cantonese classics and other types of music, presenting an outdoor audio-visual feast covering all ages.

Hu Peng and his wife, who drove two hours from Guangzhou, are deep camping enthusiasts. They heard that there was an outdoor life conference in Foshan this weekend, and they rushed to the scene with a car of camping equipment. "We like camping very much, sitting in tents at night, looking at the stars, enjoying food, and for a moment it seems to be away from the fast pace of the city." They said that compared with the traditional camping methods in the past, this conference used the "outdoor +" model, and combined the outdoor life and sports, music, food and other, opened up more possibilities for camping.

"Outdoors, starry sky, night breeze, musical notes... This warm evening, every moment is worth remembering!" Ms. Chen, a native of Foshan, heard that this event has a music area, and took her children to experience it on Saturday. The outdoor life made her feel the fashion and young vitality of Foshan.

With the increasing popularity of camping, the outdoor life that civic tourists are pursuing today is no longer just a tent. This outdoor life conference not only shows the public more interesting outdoor sports space, but also provides the opportunity for immersive outdoor life experience, and even the outdoor classroom has moved to the scene.

As a major feature of the event, visitors can have access to a variety of outdoor sports teaching and unlock new outdoor skills in the dedicated outdoor experience area.

At the event, the combination of "outdoor + equipment industry" attracted nearly 100 domestic and abroad life brands, including more than 500 outdoor products from the United States, Northern Europe, South Korea, Japan, as well as the Yangtze River Delta, the Greater Bay Area and Foshan local. It covered many fields such as outdoor equipment, outdoor clothing, outdoor camping, outdoor sports, outdoor dining, cultural travel and leisure.

The Camping Life Expo also served as an excellent starting point, enabling ordinary citizens to immerse themselves in a thriving outdoor culture and providing them with the opportunity to explore the offerings of local enterprises in Foshan. Moreover, it facilitates fruitful exchanges among outdoor brand enterprises, fostering a virtuous cycle that propels the growth of related industries.

"This camping equipment exhibition appears in the form of sports showing life for the general public, opening up the camping industry chain and providing a one-stop platform for purchasing camping equipment." The organizers said that today, the camping economy has been based on the "camping scene" as the core, and has widely radiated the fields of leisure and entertainment, outdoor sports, camping equipment and materials industry, forming a holistic consumer ecology.

"When it comes to Foshan, we will find that this is a city with a very good integration of natural landscape, half of the city with mountains and rivers and green Foshan, the existing mountains, water corridors, parks and cultural landscape resources are connected together”, said by Deng, head of Xingchuan outdoor brand.

Foshan has a good foundation and advantage for the development of outdoor leisure sports. It has prospered in industry and commerce since ancient times, and has become a world-renowned manufacturing base. Almost all walks of life, including outdoor camping, roller skating, fitness equipment and other sporting goods and related products manufacturing has also developed well.

In terms of natural ecology, taking Gaoming as an example, it has rich natural and geographical resources such as mountains, forests, water, fields, rivers and lakes, with complete categories. It has also cultivated leading scenic spots such as Zaomu moutain scenic spot, Midea Egret Lake Forest Resort and Yingxiang Ecological Park, which provide sites and supports for outdoor sports projects. It has also laid a good material premise for the development of outdoor sports.

Foshan is actively developing new outdoor formats and new products, accelerating the creation of Foshan's "outdoor +" model, exploring the five districts of "mountains, rivers, forests, fields and lakes" and other high appearance level ecological environment, focusing on the new outdoor, new consumption, new life industrial development hot spots. There are 19 customized outdoor hiking (cycling) routes, 15 outdoor sports consumption scenes. In the future, the general public of Foshan will have the conditions and resources to enjoy a more fashionable, fun and more professional outdoor life experience.


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Photo | Foshan News and Media Center