Two more Guangzhou Metro lines to be put into use by year end
GDToday 2023-12-01 09:49

Two new Guangzhou Metro lines, the second phase of Line 7 and the eastern extension of Line 5, are set to commence trial operations by the end of this year. So far, these two lines have completed a total of 1004 tests on a series of aspects such as vehicles, signaling and communications to ensure sufficient preparation for the subsequent opening and operation.

The second phase of Guangzhou Metro Line 7

As two culturally-themed metro stations, Changzhou Station and Yufengwei Station, along the second phase of Line 7, feature elements of the local Huangpu culture in design.

In Changzhou Station, the use of yellow stone walls and golden islands creates a harmonious ambiance reminiscent of the Whampoa (Huangpu) Military Academy.

Yufengwei Station, inspired by the images of harbors, features decorative elements resembling colorful shipping containers on its walls and a combination of orange and blue colors that accurately replicate the bustling scene of a busy port.

The eastern extension of Line 5

The stations along the eastern extension of Line 5, located along the Pearl River, draw inspiration from the colors of the harbor, coastline, and nature. Huangpu Xingang Station utilizes layered white ceilings to depict the changing patterns of clouds. The light blue gradient square tubes resemble ever-changing clouds, creating the impression of shifting weather in the confined underground space.

The second phase of Line 7 stretches for about 22 kilometers. Starting from the existing Higher Education Mega Center South Station, which is part of the first phase of Line 7, the second phase includes 11 stations: Shenjing, Changzhou, Hongshengsha, Yufengwei, Dashadong, Jitang, Jiazhuang, Kefeng Road, Luogang, Shuixi, and Yanshan. Among these, eight stations allow for transfers, connecting four existing lines and four planned lines.

The eastern extension of Line 5 spans 9.8 kilometers, extending eastward from the existing Wenchong Station. It includes six stations: Shuangsha, Miaotou, Xiayuan, Baoying Avenue, Xiagang, and Huangpu Xingang. Running through downtown Guangzhou, the eastern extension of Line 5 aims to facilitate future connections to Foshan in the west and Dongguan in the east, creating a seamless link between the three cities.

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