Foshan Image丨"Wong Tai Sin's Birthday" Cultural Event Kicks Off in Nanhai Xiqiao
Foshan China 2024-05-23 11:15

The 2024 "Wong Tai Sin's Birthday" folk cultural event officially commenced on May 21, with the highlight being the much-anticipated grand parade. This year's parade boasts the largest number of formations and participants in recent years, featuring representatives from 33 villages and communities across seven major areas of Xiqiao Town, along with teams from the Guangdong Art Field Nanhai Festival, Guangdong Romance Park, and various local businesses.

The Eight Immortals Squad

The parade consists of thirteen themed formations, including "Lion King Emerges," "Birthday Greetings By 8 Immortals," "Enjoying Charm of Guangdong Romance Park," "Tasting Lingnan Flavors," "Field Trips," "Meeting Wong Fei-hung," "Crossing Pingsha Island," "Touring Nanhai Bay," "Visiting Sangyuanwei," "Climbing Xiqiao Mountain," "Savoring Cantonese Cuisine," "Exploring the Art Filed Nanhai Festival," and "Xiqiao Craftsmanship." These formations showcase Xi Qiao's rich martial arts culture, tourism resources, and cultural heritage in a vivid and tangible manner.

The Lion King attracts many onlookers taking photos during the parade. (Photo/Li Junliang)

The parade began at the Kui Guang Tower in Baiyun Cave, Xiqiao Mountain, covering a distance of approximately 3 kilometers. Each formation brought unique highlights and a spectacular array of performances, including traditional six-step dances, lion and long-fist dances, and displays of local cultural and tourism products such as the Twelve Flavors of Xiqiao, cowhide bags, and Xiangyun silk. The parade also featured decorated bicycles, camping cars, and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The Lion King draws large crowds.(Photo/Li Junliang)

The streets were packed with enthusiastic citizens and tourists who lined up to watch the parade. The lively atmosphere was filled with cheers and excitement as many spectators captured the vibrant scenes on their phones, celebrating the return of this long-awaited festive event.

Performance on Qiaoyuan Road in front of the Yunmen Archway.


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