Discover Hidden Gems in Nanhai on Rainy Days: Perfect Spots to Spend Your Day Indoors
Foshan China 2024-05-24 11:23

Even though Guangdong enters the rainy season, days in Nanhai still can be a delightful experience. Whether you're browsing a bookstore, exploring a museum, or sipping on coffee, you'll have a special indoor adventure.

Relax in a Bookstore

Guangzhou Library Foshan Branch

Rainy days are perfect for finding a cozy, artistic bookstore for a unique mental journey. Choose a window seat, grab a book and a cup of coffee, and listen to the gentle rain outside as you while away the afternoon.

Pure Time Bookstore

Yilan Reading Station

Danru Bookhouse

Amidst a busy life, discover a serene spot just for you, away from the hustle and bustle. From modern literature to popular science, classical works to local stories, let the aroma of books and coffee envelop you. Enjoy reading as time gently flows in a peaceful and comfortable space.

Zhongshuge Bookstore

Qingteng Bookstore

Explore Museums

Step into the nationally recognized 3A scenic spot, the Foshan Lingnan Financial Museum, and travel back in time. The museum houses over 12,000 historical artifacts, including ancient coins, old banknotes, and various currencies from the Republic of China era. Nanhai residents can get a free ticket with their ID!

Additionally, the museum offers interactive exhibits like "printing money," providing visitors with a hands-on historical experience. The "Retro Street" features over ten photo spots, using sound, light, and electrical settings to showcase the financial development of the Republic of China.

Nestled at the foot of the picturesque Xiqiao Mountain, the Nanhai Museum blends modern architecture with history. Take advantage of the rainy day to visit the museum and "travel" through time, experiencing the rich historical charm of this thousand-year-old town.

Enjoy Coffee

Rainy Nanhai exudes a poetic charm. Escape into a roadside coffee shop, order a drink, and chase away the rainy day blues.

No·Number Coffee

Shexia Coffee

Choose a window seat, enjoy your coffee, and watch the raindrops fall on the greenery outside. It's a perfect way to relax and unwind.

Here coffee

Fuk Coffee

Try Trendy Sports

Spending a rainy day isn't just about reading and coffee; you can also experience horseback riding, archery, and tennis, making rainy days fun and exciting.

Inspired by the hit TV series My Altay, where breathtaking grassland landscapes and horseback archery scenes captivated viewers, visit the largest indoor equestrian club in Guangzhou and Foshan – Qile Equestrian – to experience the joy of riding.

You can also gather friends and visit an archery club to enjoy the heroic spirit of archery.

Mulan Autumn Hunting Archery Club

If you can't exercise outdoors, head to Nanhai's most beautiful tennis club – Tuochen Tennis. Spanning 3,000 square meters, it boasts Foshan's first indoor red clay tennis court, one standard indoor tennis court, and three air-conditioned children's courts, supporting all-day practice!

Rainy days in Nanhai have a unique charm. Get out and explore these hidden gems for a perfect indoor adventure!


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