Foshan Attracts 336 Major Investment Projects Worth Over 158 bln Yuan
Foshan China 2024-06-24 11:00

Foshan has achieved a remarkable milestone in its investment attraction efforts, securing 336 major projects valued at over 1 billion yuan each from January to May 2024. This marks a 70% year-on-year increase, with the total investment reaching 158.41 billion yuan.

As 2024 is pivotal for achieving the 14th Five-Year Plan goals, Foshan's strategic investment efforts have established new economic pillars and growth points, enhancing project implementation efficiency. The city has drawn interest from Fortune 500 companies and strategic industries.

Worker at Pratic CNC Technology Co., Ltd (Foshan News and Media Center/Wang Peng)

Data shows that strategic emerging and pillar industries accounted for 232 of the signed projects, representing 69.05% of the total, with investments in these sectors reaching 106.238 billion yuan, or 67.07% of the total investment. Of these, 149 projects were in strategic emerging industries, amassing 70.752 billion yuan in investments, while 83 projects in pillar industries totaled 35.486 billion yuan. Key sectors include high-end equipment manufacturing, precision instruments, pharmaceuticals, new energy, new materials, intelligent robotics, food and beverage, and modern logistics.


The 2nd Pre-made Food Conference (Foshan News and Media Center/He Guanhong)

From January to May, 167 of the signed projects have already commenced construction, 79 more than the same period last year, with a start rate of 49.7%, up 3.36 percentage points. Additionally, 13 projects have begun production, six more than last year, with a production rate of 3.87%, up 0.21 percentage points.

Foshan's investment departments will continue to collaborate with industry-specific task forces to attract projects in advanced energy storage, pharmaceuticals, and new materials, while also bolstering mature sectors like food and beverage and equipment manufacturing. The goal is to expand Foshan’s industrial clusters and strengthen its manufacturing base.


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Photo | Foshan News and Media Center, Wang Peng, He Guanhong

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