2024 Foshan (Sanshui) Beer Festival to Kick Off on July 13
Foshan China 2024-07-05 10:16

The Foshan (Sanshui) Beer Festival 2024 is set to kick off on July 13! This year, the festival will feature collaborations with renowned beer brands such as Budweiser, Carlsberg, and Tsingtao Beer, alongside the 18th Foshan "La Liga" Football League. A series of exciting events will run until the end of August.

Citizens enjoy beer at the Beer Plaza. Photo/ Ma Yongzhao

The Beer Festival has become one of Sanshui's most significant and influential events. In 2023, the festival attracted approximately 400,000 visitors, generating nearly 4 million yuan in sales for local vendors. The festival also garnered over 80 million media impressions, showcasing the charm of Sanshui to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and creating a distinctive consumption and industrial chain integrating culture, sports, and tourism.

Night market activity during the 17th Foshan "La Liga" matches.

Notably, the 2024 Beer Festival will feature four interconnected themes, highlighting Sanshui's unique characteristics.

Beer + Football: The event duration covers the entire 18th Foshan "La Liga" Football League. The festival will broadcast the football matches in Beer Plazas and major shopping districts.

Beer + Food: The festival will highlight Sanshui's culinary specialties, featuring elements such as intangible cultural heritage foods, seafood banquets, and beef dishes. Besides, local delicacies like longevity vinegar, river fresh food, and beef hooves will be showcased, providing citizens and tourists with a taste.

Beer + Culture & Tourism: The event will integrate cultural and tourism resources from Sanshui's central urban area, promoting local historical and cultural sites such as the confluence of three rivers, the Beijiang Embankment, the century-old Wen Tower, and the century-old train station. Major shopping districts will offer extensive benefits and discounts to tourists.

Beer + Nightlife: There many activities will be held during the event, such as music parties and night markets.

Beer Plaza bustling with visitors. Photo/ Ma Yongzhao


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