Touring Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link on Greater Bay Area cruise
newsgd 2022-08-15 15:02
Recently, a new touring route to the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link was launched. Taking the cruise, passengers can see construction workers of the mega cross-sea project Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link in the distance.
[Photo: Nanfang Daily]
It will be undertaken by the “Greater Bay Area No. 1”cruise ship from 06:30 am to 08:30 am every Saturday and Sunday.
This 2-hour Cruise starts from Shekou Cruise Homeport, passes through SCT Wharf, Mazhou Island, Qianhai Bay, Dachan Bay, Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link before terminating at Shekou.
Other stunning views include Mazhou Island, “Bay Glory” Ferris Wheel, Dachan Bay, and Shenzhen Baoan International Airport. Visitors can also havebreakfast, work out at the gym and sing Karaoke on the cruise.
The ship, named after the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, is China’s first fuel-electric hybrid luxury sightseeing catamaran built by China Merchants Shekou Holdings.
Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link, with bridges, artificial islands, tunnels, and submerged connection, is still under construction and is expected to be opened to traffic by 2024.