Nucleic acid test no longer required for these China-bound travellers starting from March 15 2023-03-15 09:28

Starting from March 15 (local time), China-bound travellers can take antigen tests (including self-test kits) instead of nucleic acid tests, according to the latest notice from the Chinese embassies in France, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Georgia, Greece, and Brunei.

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Here are the details:

Chinese Embassy in France

Chinese Embassy in Italy

Chinese Embassy in Spain

Chinese Embassy in Georgia

Chinese Embassy in Greece

Chinese Embassy in Brunei

Chinese Embassy in Denmark

Besides, China's visa offices abroad will resume issuing all types of visas to foreigners on March 15 to facilitate cross-border travel. This was announced by the Foreign Ministry's Department of Consular Affairs today (March 14).

According to the notice from the Chinese Embassy in France as well as the United States, the visa-exemption policy for foreigners to visit Guangdong from Hong Kong and Macao, and for ASEAN tour groups to Guilin, Guangxi shall resume operation.

In addition, starting on March 14, people who have visited or resided in Hong Kong but without a travel/residence history to Taiwan region or foreign countries don’t need to present a Macao Health Code or negative nucleic acid test report.

At the end of February, a number of Chinese embassies made the same announcement. Starting from March 1 (local time), China-bound passengers from Indonesia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, and South Africa also can take antigen tests (including self-test kits) instead of nucleic acid tests.