Naked-eye-3D Video | The "accelerated speed" of Guangdong
GDToday 2024-03-04 09:27

When spring starts,dreams come true.

In 2023, Guangdong became the first province to exceed 13 trillion yuan of GDP and has held the top place in China for 35 consecutive years. 

Developing a world-class bay area, Guangdong has been awarded with the Best Reputation for Business Environment in China for four consecutive years.

Taking major steps forward in enhancing the marine economy and industries,Guangdong increased installed offshore wind power capacity by two gigawatts.

The blue skies above Guangdong are cleaner, its land greener, and its waters clearer. 

Guangdong built 104 forest villages.

Guangdong made every effort to expand domestic demand and stabilize foreign demand.

The total amount of imports and exports of cross-border e-commerce accounts for more than 1/3 of the country.

Guangdong implemented the High-quality Development Project for Counties, Towns and Villages.

112 towns were selected for the list of China's top 1,000 towns.

The unique charm of Lingnan culture is blooming in the new era.

Guangdong's total tourism revenue ranked first in China.

Prioritizing the manufacturing industry as the pillar,Guangdong further enhanced eight one trillion yuan-level industrial clusters.

Guangdong's manufacturing has been upgraded.

For every four NEVs in China, one is made in Guangdong.

Accelerating the development of new quality productivity,Guangdong will create an industrial S&T innovation center with global influence.

In 2024, the journey starts again. Guangdong has set out for the future.