Genius gathered to shed lights on prepared food industry in FS
Foshan China 2022-07-13 10:04

On July 10th, China Prepared Food Innovation and Development Summit Forum was held in Foshan. There were ten academicians and several professors attending this forum.



The theme of this forum is about the interrelation between prepared food and intelligent manufacturing. Participants have discussed multiple topics related to this theme, for instance, the future of prepared food industry, food safety and the development on Chinese kitchen equipment, etc.


Moreover, provincial laboratory about food intelligent manufacturing was established. It has gathered 56 researchers from various areas to conduct researches and experiments on advanced technology in prepared food. For instance, the internal control during production and ingredients combination are two major topics.



So far, there are 63 company groups registered in Foshan prepared food industry alliance. The alliance has established 4 groups standards. Meanwhile, financial organizations have provided 530 million loan to prepared food companies, to support the industry development.


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