A flagship electronic information project capped in Nanhai, Foshan
Foshan China 2022-07-14 10:26

On July 12, a 73,000-square-meter multi-storey factory building just rose up from the ground - the main structure for Xinyang Technology Imaging Module Project (Phase I) was 100% capped in Nanhai, Foshan. From laying foundation to capping, the project only took less than 8 months, which stronger momentum towards local development in Nanhai.

This project will introduce resources of consumer electronics product, which is a new frontier for Nanhai. Nanhai will seek to build an international industrial cluster of electronic information.

This project is just one of those World Top 500 projects since dozens of industrial projects were signed since this May. Construction works for workshops and trial production are scheduled to finish by December 2022. As planned, the project will be constructed in two phases. When completed, the location will have a production line that produces about 50 million imaging modules monthly. The project will go listed some time later.


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